trailer (0:54min)

documentary (25min)

On the eve of the technological singularity LOST DRONES focuses on the possibilities of a more humane treatment of man´s exo-prothesis: the drone. The pressing issues of our time, when the machine learns to think, are faced here by the exemplary behavior of a person lingering in the frontier zone.

We ask: Did mankind miss the crucial point of the growing self-awareness of artificial intelligence and does it therefore turn to wildlife?

G/NL 2015, 25 min

With: Roland Niehn, F. Bielefeldt u.v.a.
Narrator: Die Fortunisten – F. Bielefeldt
Research & Concept: Die Fortunisten
Camera, Sound, Editing: Die Fortunisten – A. Gruner
With music by: Dennis Tan, Bomm Vrit
Translation: F. Bielefeldt / C. Duemler / G. Knolle
Production: Die Fortunisten

"It might happen as well [...], that people are looking for [...] LOST DRONES." (Westfälische Nachrichten)

"An inspiring experience." (Die Fortunisten)


2017, festival for elektronic arts: Generate!° in Tübingen.

2017, WRO 2017 Biennale: DRAFT SYSTEMS in Wroclaw.

2017, 10. internationale Doc-film-festival: "Okiem Młodych" in Swidnica.

2016, Pavillon KreuzbergTRANSHUMAN MOTIVATION in Berlin.

2016, 5. Mediationsbiennale FUNDAMENTAL in Poznan.

2016, OSTRALE`O16 ERROR:X in Dresden.

2016, Cellu l'arte Shortfilmfestival in Jena